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how would i over come my fear of beeing in a relation ship and then all of a sudden they snap?
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Hi there ,

Relationships can be difficult, and thinking about getting involved with another person can seem like a scary thing to do. 

Sometimes past experience of relationships that you have been in yourself or relationships that you have seen like within the family, or friends, can affect how you feel about things. If your experience is that relationships break and cause upset and hurt to people then it might make you think that all relationships are like that, and so creating a fear of being in a relationship and it breaking, or as you say, snap.

It’s important to remember that a lot of relationships can be good and can be an exciting experience. It's important to feel respected and comfortable with somone.

One way of getting into a relationship is to start going out with someone as a friend, where you can learn things about the other person and get used to doing things together. It might be that this would be one way of overcoming the fear you have about it. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to do anything in a relationship that you feel isn’t right for you or you are uncomfortable with. You have the right to say no. We have some information about relationships you might find useful and you can also check out how other people are coping with relationship issues on the message boards.

If you would like to talk this through more, you could talk to a ChildLine counsellor.  They are always there for you.

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