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Can I get arrested

Basically I don‘t watch porn but one time a few years ago I did because I was curious. I didnt do it again and never really thought about it because it was just something bad I did one time and I wouldnt do it again. But one of the things I saw involved a woman weeing on somebody else. I thought it was a bit weird. However, Ive seen on the childline website that if somebody wees on somebody in porn that makes it illegal. Does this mean if somebody tracked this to me Im going to be arrested? I had no clue this was illegal because it seemed it was consenual between the people in the video I just thought it was just a little bit weird. But now Im scared that Im going to be arrested and that there is something wrong with me for clicking on it and not being completely digusted with it. What should I do.

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Hi there,

Porn is made in lots of different ways and for different tastes. Lots of people are sexually aroused by things that others might find unusual. As long as these things are legal and don't harm anyone then you aren't doing anything to feel ashamed of. There are laws in the UK that say what kind of porn is illegal to make and what's illegal to view.

The government introduced new laws in 2014 which said that some kinds of porn couldn't be made in the UK. This includes the kind of porn you watched and many others. This doesn't mean it’s illegal to watch that kind of porn in the UK, it just means it has to be made in another country. You didn't break the law by watching it.

There are some kinds of porn that are illegal to download or view - like videos or photos of children being sexually abused. If you ever accidentally find this type of porn you can report it through the Internet Watch Foundation and they will try to get it removed.

Porn is made for adults so it can be harmful for young people to watch it. It almost always isn't very realistic and can have some things that might be disturbing for you to see. If you feel like the porn you’re watching is having a negative impact on you then you should talk to someone you trust. You can also talk openly to Childline counsellors about how porn is making you feel.

Thanks for writing, I hope this helped.


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