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Starting High School- And Being Bullied


I started high school in September and I feel like I am being bullied

I get threatened nearly daily by this boy at school who is in all of my classes. As soon as he sees that it is bothering me he tells me it was a joke, and then does it the next day or possibly the day after. He then calls me names from time to time. On my birthday he got all of his friends to punch me really hard in the arm, resulting in a large amount of bruises on my arm. I tried to hide it from my parents in the fear they would go into the school and then he would think I told. They eventually found out but I managed to get them to not go in to the school. I now feel like I should tell someone but I feel to scared to do so. Advice Please?

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Hi there,

When you're bullied in school it can be very isolating and make you feel really low. Bullying is wrong and it's not your fault that it happens. Bullying can be physical or verbal and it’s not ok for anyone to treat you like that. Lots of young people talk about bullies making out the things they say or do is a joke but it sounds like it might not feel very funny for you on the receiving end of it.

Talking to an adult you trust can feel really scary but it might be the first step towards making the bullying stop. You could think about letting a teacher know what’s happening to see if they can help or talk to someone at home who may be able to contact school on your behalf. Writing down what you want to say to them can be a helpful way to prepare, or you could ask them to read what you have written if talking feels too hard.

If you're not feeling ready to tell someone, it can be a good idea to keep a record of the things that happen when you are bullied. A “bullying diary” can be a place to keep a note of the dates you are bullied, what happens and how it makes you feel. Writing down your feelings can sometimes help you to cope. If you did get to the point of wanting to tell someone, you could show them your diary as a way to explain what’s been happening.

It could be important to remember that you are not alone, lots of young people have talked about bullying on our message boards and it might helpful to have a look. You can also talk to a Childline counsellor at any time, they care about you and they’re ready to support you.

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