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My mum always hits me

Dear sam, my mum always hits me. once she got the photo frame and whacked it on my head and my head was bleeding, this was recently and it still hurts. Since i was 7 my mom has been beating me up, for no reason but sometimes it is my fault. when i do something good she always has to look at the bad side. She kicks me, sits on me, slaps me and leaves bruises on me. She's made me bleed many times. I'm really scared of her. She wants me to dies and one of these days i really will commit suicide. please help me... FROM SCARED
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Hi there,

Thank you for being so brave and telling me so openly what your mum is doing. I imagine this was a hard letter to write and I’m really glad that you’ve felt able to ask for help. Everything you have talked to me about would be called physical abuse. It is very wrong and should not be happening to you. You say that sometimes it is your fault and I really do want to stress to you that, no matter what you do, being hurt is never your fault. No-one has the right to hurt you like this. You deserve to feel happy and safe where you live. There is some more information on physical abuse in the Explore pages. It might help to explain more about why this isn’t your fault.

I’m concerned to hear about all that you have told me, but right now I am particular worried that one of your injuries is still hurting you. I’d really like to encourage you to seek medical help. If you are at school, many schools have a school nurse who could offer you some help and support. You could also check out NHS Choices for more medical information.

I also want you to know that if you mum is ever making you feel really scared or unsafe, you can call 999 to ask for immediate help.

It’s worrying to hear you that things at home are so hard that you’re thinking of suicide. Sometimes, when things have been hard for a long time, people can think suicide is the only way for the bad things to stop. The fact that you have asked for help, makes me think there is still a part of you that wants to live. I certainly don’t want you to die. It’s really important for you to know that there are other ways for the abuse to stop and for you to be safe. The quickest way for the abuse to stop is to tell a trusted adult such as a teacher, they will then be able to support you and contact people who can keep you safe.

If you don’t feel ready to talk to an adult about the abuse, you can always contact a counsellor at ChildLine. They could listen and support you to cope with these suicidal feelings and discuss ways that home can be made safer. You are important and there are people out there who would want to help to stop this abuse. Everybody needs some extra support from time to time. Maybe this is that time for you. You can contact the counsellors by calling 0800 1111, by sending them an email or by logging in for a 1-2-1 chat.

Take good care of yourself.


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