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My mum abusing me

hi, so everyday either my mum or my dad will hit me. already this moring i have been punched slapped and bitten more than 5 times. i hate it so much and i just want nice and kind parents. i dont eant the ones that i have. they never belive me anout anything even when im ill they shout and scream and abuse me frequently and they are enver on my side and i have novdy to talk to and i feel so lonely

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Hi there

Being hit, slapped and bitten are types of physical abuse and no one should hurt you in this way. Talking about abuse from parents can be difficult but what they are doing is wrong and shouldn’t be happening. There are steps you can take towards changing things if you feel ready to do that.

Physical abuse is when someone else harms or injures you on purpose. Sometimes the person who is hurting you might stop you from going to the doctors or the hospital if you are ill or injured and that’s abuse too. Abuse is against the law and is never your fault.

Being shouted at and blamed for the abuse is wrong and it might make you feel more scared and anxious. If the person who is abusing you is someone who should be protecting you, like a parent or carer, you might feel confused about what’s happening or think that you have done something to cause the abuse.

When abuse is happening at home it could mean that you’re not safe where you live. If you are being hurt, threatened and you feel scared you can speak to Social Services about what’s happening. They can support you and help you with ways to stay safe. The social worker will decide what happens next and this might be trying to keep you safe at home or sometimes it could be finding somewhere else for you to live, such as with a relative.

It can be scary to tell someone about what’s happening but talking to a trusted adult like a teacher or getting support from a counsellor at Childline can help you to decide what to do next. They can help you to speak to Social Services or the police if you want them to. It’s always okay to call 999 if you think it is an emergency.

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