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My friend is being bullied

Dear sam,
A couple of days ago i was with my friend in school, they seem to pick on her for no reason,they say things like noone likes you or even swear at her and laugh at her, i try to get them to stop but they just want to bully her not me. i feel really bad for her because she hasn't did anything wrong. 

Thanks for reading,


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Hi N*,

Bullying is always wrong and I’m concerned to hear that this is happening. It's never okay to bully somebody. I get the feeling you’re trying to work out what’s making these people bully your friend. 

You sound like a very supportive friend. It can really help someone who’s being bullied if they know people are there for them. This is especially important when people are bullying them by saying no one likes them.

You don’t have to try and help your friend on your own. It’s okay to let somebody know about what’s happening. Perhaps you could suggest to your friend that you go and talk to a teacher together about what’s been going on. Schools have a responsibility to try and keep everyone safe from bullying. It's important for your friend to know that it isn’t her fault these people are treating her like this. The people who bully your friend are responsible for their own behaviour. If your friend isn’t ready to speak about the bullying yet, it might help to start keeping a diary as a record of all of the bullying so that she can show it to somebody when she wants to. 

Whatever your friend chooses to do, you don’t have to keep these worries to yourself. When somebody you care about is having a hard time, it can mean you go through a difficult time as well while you’re trying to support them. Remember that you and your friend can always talk things through with a ChildLine counsellor

You and your friend might like to find out more about what helped other young people in similar situations.  There’s a section on the message boards about bullying where young people are sharing their experiences.
Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I hope you and your friend both get the support you need with this.

Take care,

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