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When I was 6  I was sexually abused by my aunts husband when I was on holiday. I reported it and it was dealt with. But the pain that I've been carrying on has never let. It's like being trapped in a bubble. I was then bullied and called all sorts of names which lead to me to think of suicicde and I self harmed. I know how everyone feels,but we can't give up. It will take time for me to recover but after you talk to someone you will feel  a bit more better. I promise.
Sometimes I feel like giving up but I want a way of forgetting about that and concentrate of what's to come
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Thank you for sharing what happened and how you feel.

It sounds like you would like to encourage other young people to talk about how they are feeling. It’s good to hear that you feel positive about talking to someone and recovering from what you have been through. Many young people tell me that talking helps and there is always someone who will listen to you.

Telling someone about being abused by your aunt’s husband was a brave thing to do. Although you said the abuse was dealt with, it’s understandable that what happened has had a long-term impact on your feelings. If you feel that talking more about what happened when you were six would help you to cope with the pain, you could still speak to a ChildLine counsellor about it. You can also read more about coping with sexual abuse

As well as talking, other ways to let out some of these feelings might be to write them down. You could also do something creative that you enjoy, like writing stories or poems, or creating some art or music. Many people find distractions helpful and some base these around hobbies and interests they have. 

It seems like the bullying that happened was also very upsetting for you. I’m wondering how much other people know about the bullying and how it affected you. You explained that you self-harmed in the past. If you wanted to share your experiences about what helped you to stop doing that, maybe you could post a message on the Self-harm message board. If you ever feel like harming again, you can contact ChildLine to talk about how you feel or you could read about possible distractions. It is important to find one that is right for you, so you may have to try a few before you find the right one.

I can hear that there were times in the past when you thought about suicide. If you are having thoughts about giving up you can contact ChildLine to talk about that at any time. There may also be some useful information about coping with these feelings on our page about suicidal thoughts and feelings. You explained you want to concentrate on what is to come. If you wanted to have a conversation focusing on your hopes for the future, our counsellors would be happy to talk to you about that too.

Thank you for your letter.

Take care,

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