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i dont know if im being abusd

Hello Ever since my mom had a stoke she's been different she calls me names and trenten to kill me or punch me or hurt me so badly I'll need to go to hospital.Every time I tried to tell someone they say she just stressed out and needs to be alone.When I pointed it out she treats me differently then my sister's and brothers she says they were raised the way but does.Im scared that someday she gonna really hurt me.
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Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch about this. It’s understandable for you to feel scared by the things that your mum has said to you. It’s not okay for anyone to threaten you with violence. If your mum ever does or says anything that makes you think she is about to hurt you, you can phone 999 and explain what’s happening. You can also talk to one of our counsellors at any time of day or night if you think you’re in danger.

Threatening you in that way is a type of emotional abuse. You can talk to other young people on the emotional abuse message board about what may help you to cope. As your mum’s behaviour has changed after having a stroke, it might also be useful to have a look at the young carers message board. You may find other young people who have been through similar experiences.

You’ve done really well to tell other people about how mum is behaving. It sounds as though you don’t feel that people have been concerned. It’s not okay for your mum to say those things even if she’s stressed out. If you tell someone at school about being treated badly at home, they have a responsibility to take what you say seriously.

Have a think about talking to a teacher that you get on with well. To make sure people understand the situation, it’d be a good idea to start keeping a diary of things that your mum has said or done. You can then show people what you have to cope with at home. If you talk to one of our counsellors they will be able to support you to think about who else you could tell.

Take care,

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