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i use to be friend with one of the people in this gang and now she shouting at me and so are they every time i go in to town they threaten to beat me up and other stuff they keep calling me names and all that it scares me and upset me .
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Hi there

Thanks for writing in. It sounds like it’s a really difficult time for you at the moment.

I can hear how scared and worried you are. You have been really brave to share this with me and I want you to know that there are people who can support you through this. What has been happening to you is wrong and it’s not your fault. The way this gang is behaving is intimidating and scary but you have a right to be safe and not feel threatened.

It may be helpful for you to keep a record of each time they do something upsetting because that would help give other people a really clear picture of how tough things are for you at the moment. It could be a good idea to speak to a trusted adult about what is going on and how you’re feeling. This could be someone at home, a family friend, a youth worker or a teacher.

You mentioned that you see the gang when you go into town. Is there any way you can ask an adult to go with you if you’re heading into town? Or perhaps you could try avoiding the part of town the gang is in, at least for a while. I realise that might not be easy, but it would just be until things settle down again. Remember that if you ever feel in danger you can call 999. The police are there to protect you and keep you safe.

You may find it helpful to read our page about gangs. The Met Police have some really good advice on their website for young people about keeping yourself safe. The heart programme also has some useful information to help young people with worries about gangs and other issues like weapons and crime. Heart is aimed at young people in London, but the information on the heart programme website is still helpful, no matter where you live.

You may also like to go on the ChildLine message boards to speak to other young people who may be in a similar situation.

If you want to speak to a counsellor in more detail about what has been going on, you can do this by calling us for free on 0800 1111, having a 1-2-1 chat with a ChildLine counsellor or sending us an email.

Take care


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