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Dear Sam one of my Friends called M* keeps getting bullied because somebody keeps hitting him and pushing him to the ground I feel scared because everybody hates me for sticking up for me
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Hi there,

Bullying can happen to anyone and at any age, and it is always wrong.  It can involve being called names, being pushed and hit or being ignored and left out. It can make you feel hated and disliked. It's not okay that your friend is being treated like this.

It sounds like you are being a very supportive friend sticking up for him. It can really help someone who is going through bullying to have someone that is on their side and is a friend to them. But I can hear that you need support as well. 

When someone is being bullied it can be a very scary experience. You and your friend don’t have to go through this alone. Although it can feel scary, it’s okay to tell someone about what’s happening to you both. It is not okay for anyone to bully you.

You didn’t say where the bullying is happening. If it’s at school, you and your friend could speak to a teacher together. Your school has a legal responsibility to make sure you're not being bullied. They should do something to make the bullying stop once they know about it. 

It's not you or your friend’s fault that these people are treating you both this way. Nobody has the right to hit, push or make you feel hated and scared. It might also be useful for you and your friend to make a diary of what is happening to you both and how it’s made you feel. This way you can show this record to someone, like a teacher, when you're ready.    

Even if you or your friend don't tell an adult about the bullying right now, you don't have to go through this alone. You can always talk to a counsellor at ChildLine. 

You and your friend might also like to talk to some other young people on the bullying message boards or just check out what has help others that are in a similar position to you. 

I hope this has helped.

Take care,

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