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To Sam im just about to move up to big school but im abit scared i might get bullied up there so have you got any advice???
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Hi there,

A lot of people worry that they might be bullied when they go to a different school. Also, thinking about new things which we don’t know yet can feel scary.

Sometimes when we feel nervous we can end up thinking too much about the things that scare us. If you’re thinking about the scary things a lot, try thinking about things that you are looking forward to at the new school and the things you are hoping for. 

Sometimes if we have been through bullying before we can worry about it happening again. Whether the bullying happened to us or we have seen it happen to other people, both can be very upsetting and frightening.

No one has the right to bully someone else and if you experience bullying it is important to get support, such as talking to a parent, teacher or friend you trust.

We have some information about bullying you can read. You would be very welcome to contact ChildLine to talk to one of our counsellors.

I thought it might be helpful to hear what other young people have to say about moving to secondary school. On the message boards there is a section on school where young people have shared some of their experiences and advice.

Take care,

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