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I am being bullied at school. I told my parents but I don't want to tell the teacher.what should I do?
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Hi there,

It’s not okay for people to be bullied anywhere, including home, school or online. This is wrong. 

There are many types of bullying. There is physical bullying where a person is being hit or pushed or having things stolen. There is also emotional bullying. This is where someone is called names, teased because of their appearance, talked about nastily behind their back, ignored or left out of things.

A person who is bullied may feel many emotions, like being sad, upset, hurt, angry, alone, anxious or depressed. It can be hard to cope with all this alone. 

It’s important to get support if you are being bullied. This could be from an adult you trust like a family member or a teacher at school. You've told your parents and this is a good first step. All schools have an anti-bullying policy which says what the school will do to stop bullying. Your school can help you to stop the bullying if they know about it. Perhaps you could have a think about which person at school you could tell. Your parents could also help you speak to your teachers about it.

If you do speak to someone at school about bullying, it might help to have some evidence to back up what you are saying. Keeping a record of bullying can be a good way to show exactly what is going on, and writing it out can also help you cope with the way you feel. If you do decide to make a bullying diary, write about what happens, when it happens, if there are any witnesses, how you feel and how you have tried to cope.

There is more information about bullying on our bullying pages. You can also look at another website called Bullying UK which has a section for parents. It explains some ways that your parents can support you by doing things like writing a letter to your school. 

If you would like to talk more about this with someone privately, you could contact a ChildLine counsellor for support.

Take care,

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