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Dear Sam...

Hello, Im D*. Im 10 and I have been bullied from the age of 5. After a year of this happening I stayed inside and never went out unless a friend from school came  . Im still scared of them bullying me if I go out again. What should I do? Please reply.

From D*.

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Hi there,

Nobody is allowed to bully you. Bullying is wrong and it is not your fault. There are people who can help to make it stop if they know what’s happening to you. It's really important to tell someone about what has been happening to you, especially since it has been happening for so long. Maybe once you have told someone you might start to find it easier to go out again. Sharing what's going on with someone might help you start to feel more confident and less scared.

Being bullied can make people feel really frightened, so it’s hard to tell someone you trust. However, it could be the first step to making the bullying stop. so think about how you could make it feel easier to talk to someone. Writing down what you want to say first can really help. You could also take a friend with you for support. You could try talking to a teacher, parent, carer or another trusted adult. We have a page that can help when you need to ask an adult for help.

If bullying happens at school then it is the school’s responsibility to do something to make it stop. All schools should have an anti-bullying policy which explains what they will do if they find out someone is being bullied. You can ask to see that policy. It’s okay to ask a parent or carer to talk to your school if you don't feel able to do it yourself. 

We have lots of information and advice on our bullying pages. Our counsellors are always here for you if you would like to talk to someone.

Take care,

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