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im having some bulling issues and its not very nice where a girl has called me a fat b***h and put a pic of her with a big ball in her top titled it “L***” and put it on snapchat a picture messenger

now its get to the extend my friends are helping me but this girl is not stopping and now is bulling my friend calling them ugly skets and that they live in dustbins.

i had told my secondary school they said they will talk to her and thats it and she is till getting away from it

its gets me so upset i look in the mirror and just think who am i and i listen to what she says (fat)

is there any adice you can give me

Ask Sam


Hi there,

Thank you for your message.

Being bullied can have a really big impact on how you feel. It’s really good that you can talk about this and ask for help because you shouldn’t have to cope by yourself. You don’t deserve to be treated this way and it isn’t your fault.

It’s great your friends are being supportive and you did the right thing telling someone at your school. It can be difficult to talk about things like bullying and your feelings but you’re doing all the right things and you should be really proud of yourself. If things haven’t got better since you told someone you might want to tell them again. You could also think about who else you can tell to get some more support.

Every school should have an anti-bullying policy and your teachers have a duty to take action and protect you from it. Sometimes it can take telling someone a few times for things to change. The teachers might think she isn’t bullying you anymore and they may need to be reminded that it is still happening. 

Our own bullying page and the Bullying UK website have some more information about this. You might also want to have a look at the message boards to read about other young people’s experiences, or post a message yourself.

When you are being bullied it can affect your self-esteem. This girl has no right to judge you or make you feel this way about yourself. You are unique with your own qualities and the way she has been behaving suggests that she doesn’t deserve your attention. You may find it helpful to think about who is supportive and you could think together about what your qualities are. You may prefer to talk this through with a ChildLine counsellor. You may also want to have a look at our page about building confidence and self esteem.

Bullying can affect how you feel about yourself. It’s important that you get the chance to talk this through with someone and get the emotional support you deserve. There may be a family member or teacher you feel you can talk to or you might prefer to talk to a ChildLine counsellor. You can log in for a 1-2-1 chat, email, or call us on 0800 1111.

Take care,

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