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How often can we talk to counsellors

hi sam,

im just wandering how many times we can talk to a counsillor so if i have just had a conversation about something but i dont think it helped, could i then wait again and speak to someone different to see what they say and see if they could help a bit more and is there like a limit of times u can talk to a councillor in a day


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Hi there,

Childline counsellors understand that you might need to talk about something a few times before you feel like you can move on. A chat with a counsellor might not feel like it's made any difference straight away but sometimes a little time can help. It's important to think about what it is you want to get from each 1-2-1 chat. If you can understand better how you're hoping Childline can help then we might be able to help in different ways other than 1-2-1 chat.

When someone comes to Childline with a problem it can sometimes be a simple question they need answering and it doesn't take very long. But for some people their problem is more complex and could take some time to talk about. Counsellors understand that you might need to come back for a few chats before you feel ready to move on. It's okay to get as much support as you need from Childline and we don't mind if you have as many chats as you need.

Something to remember is that coming back for more chats straight away might not always be helpful for you. If you didn't find the chat you just had very helpful it can be good to think about why it wasn't. Try to think about what was said and what you were hoping for. If you feel like you need more support then perhaps you could see if there are other ways Childline can help before trying another chat again straight away.

Childline has a lot of information and advice about issues that affect young people and reading this information might help you understand your problem better. You could always also look through letters I have answered before to see if any are like your situation. Most people don't get their letter answered by me but if you look through my past responses you will usually find one that can be useful to read.

If you want to hear from other young people you can always go to our message boards and talk there. You can find people who may have experience with what you're going through and who can offer their own perspective.

Sometimes you may just want to express yourself. You can do that through the mood journal in your locker or by using the art box. Letting feelings out through writing or drawing can be a good way to cope.

You can come and talk as much as you need to, but Childline can help in many different ways and sometimes talking over and over about the same thing might not be helpful for you. Try out some of the other things and if you need to talk, we’re always here.

I hope this has helped, take care.


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