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I want to make a account but one of the rules say ''we check your images, message board posts and mood journal entries to make sure you're safe" Does this mean the images we take on our phone and keep in our personal photo albums on our phone or does it mean the images we put on childline

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Hi there,

It's really important to us that all young people who use Childline understand how we work. Everything we do is always what we think is best for you, even if sometimes that means telling someone else. We want you to choose what you share with Childline so we be as open and honest about this as possible.

The house rules do say that we check images, message board posts and what you write in the journal in your locker. This doesn't include anything personal on your phone, such as photos or pictures saved there. We don't have access to anything like that - only the things you share with us. It's important that you keep your personal devices like phones, laptops and tablets secure so that nobody can access your private images and documents.

The things that Childline do look at is anything that you send to us - whether that's an image you have drawn in the Art Box or a post you're making on the message boards. This is even if it's something only you will see - like a private journal entry. If anything you say through Childline's website, social media pages or feedback forms makes us feel like you might not be safe, we will think about telling someone else so that we can get you help. This includes letters you send to me through Ask Sam - even when you're not logged into your account.

You can find out more about the times when we might tell someone else in our confidentiality promise.

Thanks for the question. We're really happy to make this as clear as possible for everyone so that you have as much control as possible over what you share with Childline.

Take care,


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