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Should I contact childline?

Hey childline, I am writing this letter as I really want to contact childline about something but Im scared you might contact my parents or even the police.

Im not in danger or anything, I don't know if im just overreacting or if there's something wrong, I recently wrote Sam a letter but never got a reply, I really want advice but I don't know if I should write another letter. I don't want to call because I'm not a confident person and I'm nervous that someone will find out.

I want advice but I don't Want childline to contact anybody, what should I do???

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Hi there,

It's great to hear you've written a letter to me before. I'm sorry you didn't get a response, but I can only respond to a few letters each week. I hope you were able to look at the letters I've answered before to help you. If you need advice or to ask a question, I always recommend talking to a counsellor as you'll always get a response.

Childline has a confidentiality promise which means we keep what you say private. We would only think about telling someone in some situations, for example if you or someone else's life was in danger. You might find it useful to read more about this before you contact a counsellor.

Just so you know, I use the same confidentiality promise as counsellors, so it's worth reading the promise before sending me a letter, just to be sure. Remember that if I do answer a letter it will be public on my page, so it is not kept private between me and you.

The Childline counsellors are there to listen and support you, whatever your worry. So if you feel able to, it could be a really good idea to get in touch.

I hope that answers your questions, thanks for writing.


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