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Prank calls to Childline

I've been wondering what you actually do when you get prank calls? Do people get in trouble?
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Hi there,

ChildLine doesn’t treat any calls like they are pranks. We receive a lot of calls from young people who might be having some fun on their own or with their friends.They decide to call and tell us a story or a joke. The counsellors are patient with every person that contacts and they want them to have a positive experience, because one day if they were in need we would want them to think of ChildLine.

We would not want anyone to feel like they would get into trouble for contacting ChildLine. But there are times where we might need to pass information on about a call if the things that are being told to us look like they might mean we have to break our confidentiality promise.

I hope that answers your questions. You can get more information about ChildLine. And you can always ask the counsellors themselves - they’ll be happy to talk about how they work.

Take care,

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