Managing Homework

You might feel under pressure to catch up, or struggle to get motivated to do your homework. No matter what’s worrying you, our tips can help.


  • Imagine what you want your future to look like, think about what you’ll need to do to get there.
  • Create a weekly timetable, schedule in all the things you want to do and use colours to make it easier to follow.
  • Schedule time to relax and do fun activities too. Have regular breaks: either 5 minutes every half an hour or 10 -15 minutes every hour. And have at least one day off each week.
  • Being organised can save time.  Keep everything you need in one place, list all your homework tasks or use a calendar to plan ahead.
  • Add new homework to your calendar straight away and do it as soon as possible. It might help to do homework with the shortest deadline first
  • Break bigger pieces of work into smaller chunks.
  • Do your best. Be realistic about what’s possible and ask for help from an adult you trust if you’re struggling.
  • Keep reminding yourself what you’ve achieved.

Remember, you can speak to our counsellors for more ideas or support and you can post on the message boards for advice from other young people.

Updated: 6 April, 2021