Lead the Way

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Guide your friends by drawing platforms to help them overcome obstacles and collect bonuses.

Click, drag and release to draw a platform.

You only have a limited amount of wood. Keep an eye on the meter and try not to waste it.

Avoid moving obstacles or you'll lose points. Draw a platform above or below moving objects to block them.

Stars = points so collect as many as possible! You also get points for how quickly you complete a level so stay focused.

Collect the wood bonus to top up your supply. Collect the speed bonus and your friends will move twice as fast. Avoid the black hole! It will send you back to the previous checkpoint.

Watch out for rain or you'll end up in a rain bubble. Look out for puddles, they'll slow you down.

You need one or more stars to move to the next level. You can return to levels to get an even better score. Why not try to make it onto the high score table?