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Learn how to make a paper swan

Origami is a type of art where you fold paper in to different shapes. There are lots of things you can make using origami, but making a swan is an easy one to start with.

You’ll need a square piece of paper. To make an origami swan:

  1. Fold the paper in half to make a triangle, then unfold it so you’ve got two halves
  2. Fold each lower edge of the square into the fold in the middle so that it looks like a kite. Turn the paper over
  3. Fold each flap into the middle. It should still look like a kite, but thinner
  4. Fold the thin point of the kite up to the top, and then fold that down so that the tip is touching the bottom of the paper again – this is the neck and head of your swan
  5. Turn the paper over again and fold in in half
  6. Pull the swan’s ‘neck’ out, and you’ll have an origami swan!

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