However you're feeling, we’re here to help. Take your mind off things with games, use our tools to find ways to cope or get creative and let your feelings out. It’s all in your handy toolbox.

get creative

Get your feelings with words or art. You could share how good you're feeling today or even create something just so you can delete it, and watch as those feelings disappear.

More ways to use Childline

Signing up for a Childline account means that you’ll be able to:

  • access to your locker, your personal space on Childline
  • record how you’re feeling in the mood journal
  • post on the message boards
  • save useful pages on our website
  • send private messages to and from Childline counsellors
  • keep images created in the Art box.

You won’t need to share an email or any personal details to create an account.

videos to help

Whatever your worry, we've got loads of videos with tips and advice on what you can do.

Build your confidence after online bullying

Dealing with stress and anxiety

Coping with suicidal feelings