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  1. drugs


    My friend and i used to be best friends and go everywhere together! she was really nice and my best friend. But then ...

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  2. Drugs Advise ?

    Drugs Advise ?

    Ok, so I have taken almost every drug out there(both legal and illegal) and I smoke and drink a lot. I want advise on...

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  3. Family and drugs

    Family and drugs

    Hi, im 15 so my problem is my dad and step mum. For a bout a year now iv smoked cannabis everyday at least a grams da...

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  4. drugs and cutting

    drugs and cutting

    i hate the way i look, when i walk down the street i feel like everyone is saying stuff about me and laughing i reall...

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  5. my friend takes drugs :(

    my friend takes drugs :(

    I am worried about my friend who takes drugs...he uses crack..he has tried to stop/cut down on It but Its really hard...

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  6. My friends take drugs

    My friends take drugs

    My friends have all been smoking weed for about 3 years now but recently their habit is becoming a lot worse and it i...

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  7. My high school has drugs!?

    My high school has drugs!?

    I'm going to high school in over a week and I'm worried. I heard alot of people deal weed in the back field away from...

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  8. Is my parent taking drugs?

    Is my parent taking drugs?

    I think my dad may be taking drugs and I don't know what to do. He often leaves the house in the evening, this seemed...

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