Whether you play games online, by yourself or on your mobile, we’ve got advice to keep you safe.

Playing games

Lots of people enjoy playing games, and there are different games for everyone.

But there are lots of things that might stop your game being fun, like:

  • being bullied or hurt
  • not feeling able to stop
  • competing too much with other people
  • getting in trouble with your parents or carers for playing games too much.

If you’re not enjoying gaming, there are lots of things you can do.

5 ways to keep gaming fun:

  1. Block, report and mute people who troll or bully you in games
  2. Take short breaks if you’re gaming for a long time
  3. Don’t share personal information with people in games
  4. Avoid in-game purchases like loot boxes
  5. Check the age rating of any games you play

Tips for playing games online

Online games like Fortnite and Roblox can let you play with your friends and strangers from around the world. But playing with people online can also be risky.

Try our tips what to do to stay safe or if something goes wrong:

Do I play games too much?

Lots of games are designed to keep you playing. Things like achievements, ranks and even match lengths can all make you feel like you want to play for just a little bit longer, they might make you feel like you’re addicted to the game or can’t stop. If you’re immersed in a game, it’s easy to spend hours playing without even realising.

Signs that playing games might be affecting your life

  1. It stops you from doing other things you enjoy, like spending time with friends or family
  2. You struggle to stop playing or thinking about games, even when you know you should
  3. Games stop you doing things like your homework or sleeping
  4. Playing games is the only way you can cope or feel better
  5. Spending too much money on games

Even when you’re worried about playing games too much, you might not know what you can do. 

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Being bullied or trolled in games

A troll is someone online who says or does things on purpose to try and get a reaction from you. Anyone can be bullied or trolled in games. People might:

  • say nasty things or constantly target you
  • exclude you from playing or gang up on you in-game
  • steal or destroy your online items or creations
  • try to hack your account or find you on social media.

Being bullied is never your fault, and there are ways to cope if it happens.

Try to not respond if someone’s nasty to you. Lots of games will let you block or mute people in-game. If you’re not sure how, try asking an adult you trust. You can also try playing with different people.

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Play our games

There are different kinds of games. Some can make you feel better when you're feeling stressed, lonely or upset. We have lots of games you could try that can help take your mind off things and have fun safely.