Calling Childline Night Service

  1. Reaching out
    Temporary24792568 / Dec 11 2018 3.34

    i cant wait to talk just makes me feel unwanted

    Jas-Host / Dec 13 2018 11.46

    Hi there,

    Thank you for letting us know what it can feel like. It's not always an easy thing to say but it's really important to hear what waiting is like.

    We really want you to know that the counsellors very much do want to be there - to be able to talk to you and support you when you really need it.

    During the night is hard as many of the counsellors are volunteers who just can't be there overnight because of things in their lives. But things are always being looked at for how they might work differently and posts like this are so important.

    We hope that you've been able to speak to a counsellor and it's also always ok to keep letting us know how you find it.

    Take care,


  2. Butterfly
    Jas-Host / Dec 13 2018 11.43

    Hi there,

    We always love to hear ideas and what you think could maybe help at a time like this, so thank you!

    We'll pass this on for you!

    Take care,


    Lilylion123 / Dec 16 2018 0.27

    I think that if you were planning on doing it by moods you would need to do depressed first but would also need to consider the happy face because why would someone be contacting you past 12 if they were happy? obviously it would be like a hidden message and actually something might be going on and the person might be in danger... i don't know but i think you should do depressed first then the others after.

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