Questions about talking to Childline

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    Dizzyp / Sep 05 2019 18.32

    hi childline i am daisy and i am lonely and fell scared, and deppresed and i have called but i am scared to do what we talked about. can i trust u with my seacret? daisy xxx and pls dont judge public

    evilqueen / Oct 23 2019 11.29

    yes. i'm going though the same thing. i'm like the evil queen out of snow white. my father made me something i didn't want to be.

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    Temporary76688228 / Sep 16 2019 0.10

    thats why i havent spoken to someone about it before

    waffleunicorn001 / Oct 25 2019 19.27

    you guys need to stop being like this

    of course someone will listen you just need to let it out okay? so good luck guys

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    Jas-Host / Aug 13 2019 13.31

    Hi everyone,

    We know that lots of you have questions about talking to Childline from how it works and who speaks first to what you can do while waiting for a chat.  And not knowing the answers can make you feel nervous about talking.

    We’re going to be asking a Childline counsellor to answer some of the most common questions and we want your help!

    What questions do you want us to ask about contacting Childline?  What would you like to know to make it easier to call or come on?

    We’ll pass your questions on to the counselling team and then we’ll make a whole new page about talking to a Childline counsellor!

    Keep them coming!


    Blueblackvil / Oct 27 2019 14.26

    How do i post my own things on message boards?

how i feel

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