Vegan Debate with Short Essay!

  1. Loser
    FluFlu / Aug 09 2020 16.21

    I agree! This really looked into, well done ^^ I feel as if I could never give up meat anyways, I love chicken and beef and steak etc for an classic roast dinner

  2. Headphones
    Spongebob203 / Aug 06 2020 9.57

    To FridayNightDinnerFan,

    Hello! Sorry for posting that I realise it was kinda aggressive now.. But this is a debate so Im going to debate👩‍🏫!!

    Some animals are friends for example I wouldn’t eat a dog because they are friends to our human species now, but other animals are there. I’m not super religious or anything, Im some sort of non-practising catholic, but heres what I think: If God put all these animals in our world, I think (please please please do not take offense, I don’t mean this personally) that I would not stop eating animals because I think it might be ungrateful because, of all the things God gave us many things including animals and we should use them for what they were meant for: and for animals thats to eat. (sorry if thats aggressive). Also they are quite yummy as well.

    FridayNightDinnerFan / Aug 09 2020 18.10

    Ayyy, it's fine, it's your opinion and I respect it! :)

    But I don't agree with you (sorry). It's crewl that we kill animals for food. We don't kill humans for food, do we? So why should we kill animals? People think that living things that can't talk are pointless and are only for food. But that is not true, some animals are actually more intaeligant than us humans. I would say more but I'm tired because I've just been on a long walk, I'll talk later! :D

  3. Small
    mabinogion / Aug 13 2020 0.43

    i do think being vegan or vegetarian is fine, and avoiding certain meats such as beef is beneficial for the environment and your health so could be recommended, however i do find there is a lot of shaming from vegans towards people who are not and many seem to feel superior and more moral, yet disregard the cruelties and issues with certain areas of their vegan diets (soy farms, child labour quinoa, not using honey having negative effects on bees etc). you can be vegetarian and vegan and thats fine, i believe we shpuld have a more (but not fully) plant based diet and choose more environmentally friendly options, but we shouldnt shame people for their choices and honestly those who feel superior really need to "get off their high horse" yknow?

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