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  1. Wallflower
    CalmSittingOtter1521 / Oct 14 2021 18.33

    Hey so uhm, I think I'm trans but I have a really bad sick feeling whenever I think of my family calling me a he, I think its because I'm autistic and I hate change, I also dont know how I'm meant to figure out a new name, because I use one for awhile and then it starts to feel weird, I really hope you can help me (: thanks

    -Nameless Dude? idek at this point

    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Oct 20 2021 23.13

    He/him pronouns may not be right for you then. As a fellow autistic person, I relate to the struggle. Have you tried other pronouns and see if they work better? You could also try asking your close friends to use he/him pronouns, or I’d definetoy recomend coming on here and using them as a sort of trail run before coming out to your family.

    I have switched names on multiple occasions (you can see that progression through this thread lol), and it‘s frustrating. I don’t really have any advice for this as I only starting using Jamie a few weeks ago and I’m still figuring out if it works for me or not.

    I hope this is helpful!


  2. Childline Avatar
    heya1-9-8 / Oct 21 2021 18.17

    hey noah

    sorry if ur too busy to respond to this

    but im non binary

    i present as female, but really dont want to

    i get so much gender dysphoria by my appearance and i desperately want to cut my hair

    but im also insecure about my appearance

    so i desperately want to cut my hair and like look completely different, but im really scared to do it because im not handsome or pretty and i have quite a good hairstyle right now, so im scared to do it incase i do it and it really dosnt look good

    but it would mean so much to me to cut my hair, that i want it to look exactly how i want it to look, and if it dosnt i would be really upset

    and the last time i got a haircut and it was with a really good hairdresser that my enby friend with an amazing hairstyle that i get so much gender envy from reccommended and i showed them a picture and they gave me the complete opposite to what i had in mind, which made me really insecure and feel really down

    but its kind of ridiculous, because in my mind its like im living this whole other life, where i would look like this and wear this and have my hair like this

    but i would be so happy if it looked like how i wanted it to look

    also i kinda like this person & im worried it wont look good :(

    but btw Tess is there anyway you coulod get hormones/ a binder? there are free binder giveaways if you cant afford one, or if your parents are unaccepting if u r out to anyone could you ask a friend to get one for you, then you pay them back if you can? if not try double sports bras. NEVER use tape-it can cause horrific injuries

    please dont hate yourself. i know u may dislike your body, but that isnt your bodies fault. hormones r the best way to change a face permenantly to make it more feminine /masc, but u can also use makeup and you can get height insoles :)

  3. Childline Avatar
    heya1-9-8 / Oct 21 2021 18.19

    oh wow sorry this was a 2020 chat

  4. Wallflower
    heya1-9-8 / Oct 21 2021 18.19

    oh wow sorry this was a 2020 chat

    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Oct 21 2021 18.52

    Don’t worry! I am still active on this thread! I do not have the time to write a response right now, however I shoukd give you one either tonight or tomorrow. -Jamie

  5. Outcast
    BusyCatchingPuffin7252 / Oct 22 2021 8.24

    Hi heya1-9-8,

    I get im non-binary and the thought of getting a haircut scared me for a while because everyone in my family was so against me getting it. I have finally convinced my mum though and i have a hair appoitment for Thursday. However last night i showed my dad what i wanted and he said that isthe most lesbian haircut i have ever seen in front of my grandparents who im not out to. Im still going to go ahead with it because i like it and thats what matters. At the end of the day you have to get what you like. Maybe before you could talk to the hairdresser and tell them exactly what you wantand if you dont like how its going give them a bit of advice. At the end if you dont like yk a buzzcut suits everyone :)


  6. Childline Avatar
    FlexibleTextingLlama6990 / Oct 23 2021 1.27

    hi i was just wondering. how do you know if your trans. k was assigned female at birth but rn i identify as nonbinary but its starting to feel not right. like i wanna be a boy but in the way kenma and yurio are

  7. Outcast
    LonelyUniverse579 / Oct 28 2021 16.19

    hi im questioning nonbinary and about to do something for the first time here and try out the name Louie and gender neutral pronouns they/them

    havent been questioning my gender for that long tbh only about 2 to 3 months but been questioning sexual identity for over a year

    dont really know why im on here again tbh i guess im just kinda lonely

    hope youre all okay

    - Louie

  8. Coolcat
    katoiskindacool / Oct 28 2021 23.38

    i think i am nin binary but loads of people are saying its not real and idk if i am just going through a phase and i feel ready invalid

  9. Outcast
    katoiskindacool / Oct 28 2021 23.38

    i think i am nin binary but loads of people are saying its not real and idk if i am just going through a phase and i feel ready invalid

    LonelyUniverse579 / Oct 29 2021 11.17

    hi literally everything you just said i can relate to, nonbinary is totally a real gender and sometimes it helps to just think about how you feel and try to understand how you feel which can take a very long time but i hope this helps

  10. Childline Avatar
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Jul 22 2020 23.00

    Hello everyone! My name’s Noah and I’m a queer and ftm. I’m making this thread who wants some advice and stuff like that. One thing I will say though is that I won’t be able to give incredible advice for coming out as let’s just say I didn’t come out very well. Anyway, I know being trans sucks so I wanted to make a thread to support my fellow trans people. I‘m also more than happy to just have a chat with anyone who wants to.

    Anyways, hope y’all are doing well!


    RemiTheGhost / Oct 29 2021 23.43

    Hi, I'm Remi. Im 12, and I think im transgender. Any tips for facial dysphoria? I get this weird sick feeling and i get anxious if im in public whenever i see my reflection in a mirror or anything. I wear masks and sunglasses/full face masks most of the time, but this doesn't work when I'm eating or drinking or when I'm in my house.

how i feel

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