1. Childline Avatar
    RoyalSmilingKoala1636 / Aug 10 2021 13.09

    Hi folks at Childine.

    Here's an idea for your email reply page: would it possible to add a quote feature so that you can just drag/select over some text in the previous email, a button will pop over your selection saying "quote", you click "quote" and that part of the message appears as a quote in your email reply? This would be useful for when a counsellor asks multiple questions and you can quote each individual one to answer it.

  2. Reaching out
    Childline-Host / Sep 21 2021 19.04

    Hi everyone

    Thanks royalsmilingkoala1636 for taking the time to post about your idea, its great when you can think of ideas that would help you when talking to counsellors, so we love to hear ideas like this, its easy to see how that could be helpful in making it clear what you are replying to!

    We will pass your idea on.

    Take care



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