1. Sheep
    Spongebob203 / Jul 27 2020 16.01

    I recieved a very very very helpful reply rrom Kathleen at 11:07 on mon 27 july (today). She didnt just repeat what I said and then gave me a link, she actually really helped me and was super friendly and suggested to go on 1-2-1 and she was really helpful. (I dont know the pronouns, but I think its usually a girl name though? ) I feel like at times the councellors just repeat what you said and give a link, which I saw some other people wrote about, and Kathleen was not like this. Thank you Kathleen!

  2. Sheep
    Spongebob203 / Aug 03 2020 9.27

    Jo why is no one replying


how i feel

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