Just those special little things

  1. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Jul 19 2021 23.49

    -When you finish a good book

    -When you finish writing a story.

  2. Bookworm
    dazzlingskiingbadger / Jul 20 2021 7.57

    a fan blowing in your face on a really hot day.

  3. Lion
    DisneyFan2008 / Jul 25 2021 16.33

    Raindrops on roses

    Whiskers on kittens

    Bright copper kettles

    Warm woollen mittens

  4. Prisoner
    Pelicany / Jul 29 2021 21.50

    Brown paper packages tied up with strings

    Cream colored ponies

    crisp apple strudels

    Door bells and sleigh bells

    schnitzel with noodles

    Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

  5. Childline Avatar
    PoliteWorkingGoat2552 / Sep 09 2021 20.06

    when a cat refuses to leave you

    when you find a tumblr post that restores your faith in humanity

    when you really really dont want to do something and it randomely gets cancelled

    playing a piece of music and really enjoying it

    candles 🥰

    when your friend gives you something just because they care for you

    those moments when everything feels amazingly ok and nothing can go wrong and you have 0 problems

  6. Childline Avatar
    PoliteWorkingGoat2552 / Sep 09 2021 20.09

    when you write a post and loads of people reply to it and you feel like youve done something really nice☺️

  7. Loser
    ghosts-that-haunt-me / Sep 10 2021 23.57

    idk if this is just the Potterhead in me but:

    when you zone out for a moment and you feel like youre in a cozy Hogwarts scene with a fireplace

  8. Headphones
    PokeTrainerTiger / Sep 11 2021 11.22

    When I finally finish my homework and I can do whatever I want

    Raindrops on flowers

    When you find a TikTok post that either applies to you or is just funny

    When you zone out and am in a world where nothing can stop you (but the teacher tells you off)

    When you dont want to do something with your family and it gets cancelled

    The smell of rain

    When you go out and it isnt raining for the day and it isnt hot (where i am there is a massive heatwave and it rained all day yesterday but today its cool :) )

    Opening a envelope regardless if its for you or not

    If you have siblings and they are nice to you for a whole day


  9. Prisoner
    Pelicany / Sep 15 2021 21.12

    when your brother or sister does something nice for you

    when you read something that makes you smile

    fairy lights at night

    birds singing happily in the morning

    being warm and cozy in blankets

  10. Contemplator
    BuddyBooToYou / Sep 21 2021 18.07

    Watching pigeons fall and fly and play on rooftops.

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