1. Childline Avatar
    -Cloudy0Skies- / Apr 25 2021 21.56


    I really love Little Witch Academia too! Shiny Chariot told me believing in myself is my magic, and ever since i first watched ive like magic has always around. As for games have you played FNAF, Granny, Bendy And The Ink Machine or Hello Neighbour?

  2. Fixer
    Antagonist / Apr 28 2021 21.03


    I'm so glad that Shiny Chariot has told you to believe in yourself, I think you should believe in yourself too! I really like Five Nights At Freddy's and I've played a little bit of Bendy And The Ink Machine. Hello Neighbour is really good but I've never played Granny! Is Granny good?

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