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    x-Angel-x / Sep 24 2019 16.47

    i sent nudes to a stranger, photos and videos and he screen recorded one of the videos.

    He said it was an accident and swore he deleted them. He then showed me a screen recording of his camera roll and recently deleted to prove it wasnt there. I was afraid he had them and would blackmail me so i asked if that could have just been a one time thing and we could go our seperate ways, and then he unadded me. The next day i made a 2nd account and added him, telling him how bad and guilty i feel and begging him to tell me whether he still had the video. he said, and i quote: “I dont have any videos of you. Nothing. I deleted them can you like really chill out.”. I then asked why he screen recorded it in the first place and he said its a glitch his phone does sometimes or something like that. He said he never intented to record it. I looked it up and there is a glitch some people have experienced of snapchat in which it screen records without their knowledge but still, this is really hard to believe. He ended by saying “you dont have to believe me but i know what happened” and then we unadded each other. I dont know what to think or feel. I feel so empty inside, i never thought id do this. I hate myself and I want to die. My face wasnt in any photos/videos but I feel sick to my stomach. I can’t handle this, things in my life are already so bad and now I’ve gone and done this. What do I do? I’m so upset and ashamed and regretful and scared. I feel disgusting. I know I shouldn’t have done it and I honestly don’t know why or how I did. This was just some stranger, 17 year old boy and I wasn’t thinking straight. Now what do I do. I can’t handle this on my own I hate myself 😭

    jack-2k20 / Aug 01 2020 16.59

    Firstly, you should of kept the boy's username, number or whatever and spoke to someone you feel comfortable with whether this be your parents or guardian, teacher, or older friend. Many professionals and parents know the procedure for when incidents like this happen. By keeping the young man's username you could either report the account or proceed further with the polic in your local authority. Evidently, if your face was never in these photos or videos you really have nothing to worry about as there is potentially no proof that these paraphenalia belong to you.

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    Loui029 / Aug 08 2020 22.38


    I know exactly how you are feeling as I’ve been through it myself, I kinda went through a low patch after i broke up with my bf where i added any lad i could find on sc and I ended up sending nudes to him after like an hour and I honestly regret it as he screen recorded it. I’ve never told anyone before but its hard and you do get over it but theres is always a reminder in the back of your head like a warning almost telling you not to make the same stupid mistake again but it does get a lot better as yiu stop blaming yourself and start to learn to accept what has happened and leave the past in the past. Hope this has helped.

    Louise xx

  3. Reaching out
    glitteryshell / Aug 11 2020 16.56

    hi there,

    thank you for sharing this issue. i am sure you aren’t alone with this and young people have experienced similar things to you.

    it is really hard to pull yourself together over something like this but a point i would like to make is that i am so pleased to see that you are able to realise that it was a mistake and that you won’t repeat it. this is really good.

    i can hear how upsetting it makes you feel and you might be feeling ashamed, angry, embarrased or regret. these thoughts are completely normal.

    but sexting to a stranger isnt something you should be doing, particularly because you have no control over the image/s and video/s after they have been sent. the good thing about most social media sites, such as snapchat, is that you are notified when someone takes a screenshot of the chat. but young people are finding ways around this such as putting airoplane mode and wifi on at the same time to screen record so the other person isn’t aware. so just make sure you only accept people you do know.

    strangers can easily lie about their age. you may think he is only 17 but whats to say he isnt 56? if you are still feeling anxious about this, i would really reccommend speaking to someome, whether that be a counsellor here at childline or a trusted parent/guardian. there are people designed to help young people with issues raised like this. you aren’t alone, as i mentioned at the start. don’t ever feel like you are to blame in this. counsellors would only start to become concerned for you if he blackmailed, pressured or forced you into sending these videos. he may have used language that may persuade you into doing it. and that isnt okay.

    have you tried writing a letter to sam? maybe that could help you offload some more.

    i really hope this helps you

    :) x

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