LGBTQ Clothing

  1. Outcast
    HerosOfOlympusFan / Nov 11 2019 18.36

    Hi im a Bisexual

    and stereotypically Bi people wear lots of vans and Denim/plaid etc. jackets, beanies, rolled up jeans and tuck in their shirts soo thats all i got for ya

    I hope you find what youre looking for

    Jenna xx


  2. Bursting
    CoquiSong / Nov 25 2019 15.47

    lgbt+ charities do great tshirts which you can always layer up and add to and a lot of brands do a pride range, i got converse pride trainers i wear sometimes. world aids day is coming up so you could get a ribbon. In the old days there was a brand called Boy it made a niche come back but that was a gay thing wearing a cap with boy wrote on it. Its like noticable in 80s 90s music videos

    a lot of people think girls in plaid or dungarees are lgbt+

    i think just experimenting with your style and finding what you like will reflect you.

  3. Graduate
    IcedCoffeeAnyone / Apr 28 2019 15.39

    Hey guys!

    I’m and lgbt girl and I’m looking to give more subtle hints about my sexuality through my clothing, especially as most girls my age would have no idea that’s what I was hinting and I would feel much more comfortable expressing myself through clothing than words. Does anyone have any advice on fashion that looks really good and is also stereotypically lgbt??? Any particular brands???? Thanks :)


    bonkerbananas123 / Nov 25 2019 22.55

    I’ve seen things on sale in hollister during pride month when shopping for my holiday but I’m unsure if they still do it, you could probably check online for that though ;)

  4. Childline Avatar
    chakotay / May 07 2020 14.34

    Hiya not sure if youre still interested but here are some good ones:

    Flannels- especially rolling up sleeves on flannels over the top of a t shirt

    Bracelets- not especially gay ones but lots can helps idk why

    tucking in an oversized shirt into skinny jeans

    Doc Martens (you can get them on depop for £30 or less- new theyre £100+)

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