Vegan Debate with Short Essay!

  1. Spiralling
    Ukuele / Jun 03 2019 23.35

    On Madeline Oliviaโ€™s website there is an amazing tofu nugget recipe.

    There are also loads of chickpea curryโ€™s which are amazing

    may-bea / Jul 28 2019 16.17

    hey! i just looked at her website- id never seen it before- and the recipes look amazing so tysm for posting that!

    take care xoxo

  2. Spiralling
    helpfulpersonithink / May 20 2019 1.33

    if we dont eat animals there will be no need to farm them, so then there wouldnt be any animals which we eat which would leave a big gap in the food chain.

    may-bea / Jul 28 2019 16.24

    that's a good point! however, if we didnt eat animals then there would be no demand to farm them (you're correct). at the moment there are only such high numbers of cows and pigs bc they are so intensively farmed. when we dont farm them then the amount of them would decrease massively- it wouldnt leave a gap in the food chain bc atm there is nothing (in the UK) that eats us. there would be a much smaller amount of cows but this would not create a gap bc there would be a much smaller amount of ppl eating them. it would also probably help the ecosystems bc biodiversity (all the different plants and animals) would increase and flourish bc if the world was vegan you would only use 40% of the agricultural (farming) land atm. that means 60% would leave room for this and could possibly used for sancturies, reforestation, housing, plants, etc.

    obviously tho the whole world is not gonna go vegan ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ž and i respect everyones views! i think its gd that this thread was made x

    have a good summer, take care

    ~ bea xoxo

  3. Childline Avatar
    KupcakeAndSprinklez08 / Oct 09 2019 8.00

    I am a meat eater. though i an trying to go vegitarian by my 12th bday. i di think vegan is over the top

  4. Childline Avatar
    Monty- / Oct 23 2019 11.30


    I respect everyone's opinion x in my view, it's your business and your choice if you want to be vegan or vegetarian, its nothing to do with me and i applaud you for your dedication.

    The only problem i have is when someone comes up to me and tells me im a horrible person because i eat meat, and then tries to "convert" me (sorry if thats not the right word i couldn't think of anything else).

    I used to be friends with this girl and she became vegan and then had a massive go at me for having a coffee that had milk in it (annoying part is that i barely ever have milk in my coffee and the one time i do this happens, typical eh?).

    Anyway, I would never tell anyone what they should and should not do with their bodies. If it doesn't affect someone else then its none of anyone else's business, its your choice. I just dont see why i cant be given the same courtesy.

    I'm really sorry if i offend anyone and im obviously not talking about anyone here, all of you have been very polite with your views and have made sure that you mentioned that you werent pushing your views on others, i was talking about others i have met in real life who have really upset me.

    Sorry again.

  5. Childline Avatar
    India-jae / Nov 25 2019 13.42

    My question is about climate change and stuff I know it's going to happen and we just happened to speed it up a little because people are lazy but what do chickens and sheep have to do with climate change, is shutting down KFC and Nandos going to be beneficial for the environment

  6. Superstar
    SayGoodbyeToHomework / Apr 24 2019 9.01

    Hi- it's Izzy!

    I don't normally post stuff like this, but I want to know what you think on vegetarianism and veganism. So, I thought I would write a short essay on it from my opinion.

    My opinion (and I have researched for information) is that a vegan diet isn't recommended. To survive, we must eat meat throughout our lives. For millions of years, humans have been eating animal produce, so why should we stop now. In the UK, all eggs are from free range chickens, and all milk comes from cows who live long, happy lives. These animals produce milk and eggs anyway, so why put them to waste, when we can eat them to become healthy ourselves? Recent studies show that, without milk, your teeth can rot and fall out, and you will lack in certain vitamins. Also, vegan suitable foods are mainly flown in from places like Africa, which means that:

    1) Manual labour and unfair treatment in the workplace for Africans could be increased

    2) The carbon footprint from all of the food transport increases global warming.

    3) To grow the food in this country to prevent the above from happening, fields must be sprayed which kills off more animals than a meat diet does.

    I am so sorry if I offend you in any way with my opinion, I just want this debate to come through. I am a meat-eater, but that doesn't stop you from having your opinion! Reply to the thread with your opinion and follow this post to keep track of any new replies. (if you want to) and let the debate begin!

    Stay happy, and be nice to each other,


    xxbge123xx / Dec 13 2019 21.29

    hey izzy.

    i am a 13 year old vegetarian and i live in a house with my vegan mother. i also have an older sister who is vegetarian.

    people always tell me i am making a bad decision or i am weird because i am vegetarian. well its not true. since being vegetarian i have became much healthier as a lot of sweets do contain beef/pork gelatin which is made from animals.

    meat is not required in a human diet, even though it contains protein, which is very good for us, there are lots of foods (for vegans and vegetarians) that could replace this and that are very tasty. this includes foods such as tofu that you can mix into stirfrys etc.

    i totally agree that we all have an opinion and it is your choice whether you choose to eat meat or not but animals are not being treated very well so that you can get 5 minutes worth of enjoyment at mcdonalds or kfc.

    once again this is all my opinion and i do not wish to offend anyone.

    thanks for reading and feel free to reply, beau ๐Ÿ˜˜

  7. Coolcat
    Michelle345 / Feb 26 2020 16.37

    Hey Izzy and all!

    Well, I'm not a vegan myself, but my brother is. He is very healthy with just vegetables and bread(s). But do think it's fair to think the way you do.


  8. Reaching out
    Iam1inamillion / Mar 06 2020 20.59

    i am vegitarian and i agree i currently am working towards making my home eco

  9. Coolcat
    Iam1inamillion / Mar 06 2020 20.59

    i am vegitarian and i agree i currently am working towards making my home eco

    Michelle345 / Mar 08 2020 8.16

    100% agree

  10. Flower
    Amazingsparkle / Mar 15 2020 21.47

    Hey! So glad i found this thread so i thought id share my opinion.

    Im vegetarian, and i have been my whole life (15 years), never eaten meat. I do want to become vegan, the only reason ehy i haven't is because most of my friends seem to have a problem with vegans. For example one of my once friend said that they think they are an abomination to society, another said that they dont like them because they dont eat animal products. Personally it does really annoy me and upset me when people say stuff like this about vegans because they have no logical reason to justify their point, but don't worry from the replies that ive read haven't upset me. I am planning to go vegan hopefully within the next few years because im not particularly fond of dairy products any more anyway and personally i think its better because if you eat too much meat you could get heart diseases or something, and their are loads of tasty vegan/vegetarian recipes.

    Anyway this is just my opinion, didn't mean to offend anyone if i did.

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