How do you get to sleep at night?

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    k-star1621 / Dec 10 2017 21.24

    i tell myself about how the next day im gonna make it worth it.

    u gotta tell yourself postive things and go to sleep to that

  2. Reaching out
    Mushipeas / Dec 08 2017 16.54

    When I can't sleep, I just lie down and think about life, and just remind myself that even though I don't have anyone, I always have myself. If then I start crying or still can't sleep, I listen to music (I would recommend listening to Lauren Aquilina- King). Then I look up motivational quotes, that usually helps me stop crying or it helps me get sleepier! I hope this helped!

    Love, MushiPeas xx

    Jas-Host / Dec 11 2017 9.38

    Hi Mushipeas,

    Thanks for sharing all that works for you!  Music can really help in lots of different situations and motivational quotes can be a great way to remind yourself of how much you are worth and what you are aiming for.  Do you have a favourite quote?

    Remember too, you have the board community here, so maybe when you're thinking about life that might help too!

    Take care,


  3. Reaching out
    FireworkGalaxy / Dec 08 2017 19.20

    I usually think of a story in my head. Usually then I can't go to sleep until I have finished the story so I would not reccomend making it too gripping.

    This thread is a brill idea. I love it!

    Jas-Host / Dec 11 2017 9.45

    Hi FireworkBubbles,

    We're glad you love the idea of this thread - we hope it helps lots of you! Making up your own story is very creative - thanks for the tip of not making it too gripping though, we don't want it to keep you awake!

    Take care,


  4. Reaching out
    nerdrunna / Dec 09 2017 23.15

    I snuggle in my duvet and put a teddy over my eyes

    Jas-Host / Dec 11 2017 9.53

    Hi nerdrunna,

    Snuggling under your duvet sounds really cosy!  Do you have the same teddy each night or does it depend on how you are feeling?

    Take care,


  5. Reaching out
    beetrootrun123 / Dec 09 2017 23.39

    I Usually Read A Book And Make A Future / Think Of A Sequel, Then Actually Finish It The Next Night And Compare The Two Versions.

    Or, I Just Lay There Thinking About The Events Of The Next Day, I Plan Everything So I Don't Get Nervous. I Love This Thread Idea

    Jas-Host / Dec 11 2017 10.00

    Hi kitkat2210,

    We love that you love this thread! We know that it can be really hard to find ways of switching off and getting some sleep, so we hope you all can share you ideas to help out and maybe even find some new ones to try out for yourself too!

    That sounds a really fun way to enjoy reading as well as making yourself focus on the stories, rather than maybe going over things in your head.

    Planning can be a good way too to feel more prepared - do you go through each thing you have to do and think about how you'll approach it?

    Take care,


  6. Reaching out
    Temporary27671940 / Dec 10 2017 11.16

    If I can't sleep I think about things that make me happy like my first ballet dance on stage or my first hip hop dance. Stuff like that or Evan funny happy moments in school if that don't work I imagine what I want to be like next year or what things I Wang to do

    Jas-Host / Dec 11 2017 11.26

    Hi there,

    These are all such great ideas! Thinking back to where you felt happy and the things that helped can make a difference.  And funny moments can really change our mood and help us to relax.

    Do you find that thinking about what you want to do and how you want to be makes you feel more relaxed?

    Thanks for sharing these!

    Take care,


  7. Reaching out
    nerdrunna / Dec 10 2017 20.43

    But what if your life really depressing or something really sad has happened. This could keep you awake rather than sed you to seep.

    Jas-Host / Dec 11 2017 11.28

    Hi nerddrunna,

    It's true that for some people thinking about things in their life doesn't help and can keep them more awake.  And that's ok.  What this thread can do is maybe give lots of different tips, so that you can all find ones that work for you and how you feel.  Like you getting snuggled in your duvet.

    Take care,


  8. Reaching out
    Temporary17266139 / Dec 10 2017 21.10

    when i cant sleep i get a pen and my diary and write about my day and draw a picture of something or i get myself a drink and think of what the next day will be like

    Jas-Host / Dec 11 2017 11.29

    Hi there,

    Writing things down can be really good in helping to get thoughts out of your head and hopefully to make you feel a bit more relaxed and able to sleep!  Are there certain drawings you like to do that help the most?

    Take care,


  9. Reaching out
    k-star1621 / Dec 10 2017 21.24

    i tell myself about how the next day im gonna make it worth it.

    u gotta tell yourself postive things and go to sleep to that

    Jas-Host / Dec 11 2017 11.31

    Hi k-star1621,

    We love the positivity in your message!  Reminding yourself of positive things and thinking of how you want the next day to be for you are great ideas!

    Are there some things that help you to think of positive things?  Maybe you could share some of these with everyone too!

    Take care,


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    hopperComeBack / Dec 11 2017 13.06

    i think this is a really good ideai usually just watch tv until i feel tired even if its 3am and then i just go to sleep when im tired. i dont think theres any point trying to sleep if youre not tired so i just watch something thats easy to watch. so recently it was im a celebrity for example.

    zaffie x

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