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  1. Reaching out
    GrowingPositiveThoughts / Apr 21 2021 18.46

    I had a really good chat with Liz today, she was incredibly patient when I was finding it difficult and made it easy to open up to her, more than I have ever done before about one of my struggles. I didn't really get to thank her properly so wanted to say thank you :)

    I can honestly say that all of the counsellors here at Childline have had a massive impact in my life and I seriously don't know how I would cope without them. Thank you :)

    Jas-Host / Apr 25 2021 13.31

    Hi GrowingPositiveThoughts,

    Thank you for posting this - we've passed it on and it's amazing to hear the impact the counsellors have had on you. We're so glad that you felt able to open up in this way!

    Take care,


  2. Reaching out
    sunshadow / Apr 23 2021 18.46

    I had a chat with Elizabeth today, she was nice but I must admit didn't really understand and also said we had to end after 40 mins even though we hadn't covered what i really wanted to talk about, and told me to come back later because it's best to only talk about one thing at the time, and so that I could 'prepare' for what I wanted to say about the other worry (which I'd already done BEFORE entering the chat queue, of course). I was a bit disappointed because this is one of the times that I've needed a chat most. When I said that I was finding it hard to talk to my parents because they sometimes laughed when I tried to explain, she said 'so what is holding you back from telling them?' when I had just explained.

    - sunshadow

    Jas-Host / Apr 25 2021 13.34

    Hi sunshadow,

    We're glad that you felt able to post this as it's always important to hear.

    While there might be times it's really hard to have time to cover all different things in one chat to make sure you get the most out of the time, it should always feel like you're understood and really listened to.

    We will pass this on for you.

    Take care,


  3. Top dog
    BisexualAndaDemigirl / Apr 27 2021 18.30

    Hi jas-host

    All of the childline chats I've had have been amazing. I came to childline a few months ago because I was worried about something and knew that there was a 1 - 2 - 1 chat. I made an account and honestly that first chat I don't think I would have continued using childline as I didn't know how helpful it would turn out to be.



  4. Flower
    GrowingPositiveThoughts / May 06 2021 17.39


    I really wanted to say a massive thanks to Sandy and Diana who I spoke to today who helped me through suicidal thoughts. It really meant a lot to have Childline here during the thoughts and I am now in a better place thanks to them

    If Jas sees this, please would you be able to pass this on?

  5. Artist
    Proud-B / May 15 2021 20.34

    I just had a 1-2-1 chat with Cherie.

    It was good at first and she was really helpful.

    However as we got further on, she replied to my messages but the replies just said things and didn't really open anything up for me to tell her and I'd asked for advice so I didn't really know what to say.

    Jas-Host if you see this can you pass it on please?

  6. Loser
    AlistairTheStar / May 16 2021 12.35

    hello everyone!

    for the most part, I like 1-2-1 chats because i like talking to people but I've noticed they always seem to want to talk about the things on the side of your actual problem like once I went to talk about my mum and her problems and when i mentioned the word trans that was ALL they wanted to talk about.

    Or my most recent one, i wanted to talk about how difficult its becoming for me to shower due to my dysphoria and social anxiety and i wanted advice and yet all they wanted to talk about was "oh whos there for you" and "oh it must be nice having them there for you" and oh "how has being trans effected you life" and i ended up leaving the chat because no matter how many times i mentioned my actual problem they would just ignore it and talk about some random side problem. so it was an ineffective chat. like dude this is my problem stop digressing

    sometimes i wish theyd stop acting like councillors and started acting like real people that would be much more effective imo.

  7. Artist
    Proud-B / May 17 2021 20.41

    I just had a 1-2-1 chat with Christine. She just asked me quite irrelevant questions, some of which I'd already answered. It didn't really help with how I was feeling.

  8. Reaching out
    Autistic-Lonely-Wolf- / May 18 2021 18.17

    I've had 4 chats so Far And they're GREAT! Rebecca, kyran, Kevin and Michelle were so helpful (oh lord it sounds creepy cuz ik all their names )! Great idea for a thread!

  9. Demolishing
    Worm-On-A-String / Jun 03 2021 21.56

    I was having a 1-2-1 chat about my unaccepted age regression.

    They changed the subject to bullying. I told them I didn't put that. They asked me how school was anyway.

    I said about not being able to be homeschooled as both my parents work all day. They asked if anyone knew about my situation at home.

    Changing the subject and acting like parents working all day isn't normal. I didn't like that chat, it didn't help me at all.


  10. Childline Avatar
    LetsCallMeAnnabell / Jun 07 2021 20.40

    hey! tysm for this thread i will be coming here lots! 💜🥰

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