I didn't do cannabis?! I'm not being believed...

  1. Demolishing
    Still-Standing / May 09 2016 20.40


    So basically, on thursday I got a shock when I was told to go see my year manager at break and she said someone reported me for drinking alcohol in public and smoking cannabis...

    I laughed out loud and told her how pathetic that was and that I most definitely had not. Which is true.

    My year manager believed me. And I explained an incident where there was cannabis being smoked and I left. I spoke to a couple of other teachers one of them didn't believe me (that I didn't smoke anything).

    Obviously I told my parents, lots of stuff happened the past two weeks. I defriended someone who got their parents on me for 'bullying' and tried to get me suspened and my parents didn't care how I felt or what happened, they cared about my friend... Not that I was threatened by adults... My mam blamed me for taking money and I hadn't. Now this drugs thing has happened I can't deal. My life is falling apart. I don't know who has it in for me so much for little things to keep on happening.

    All I cared was what my parents thought no one else. I wanted them to say, "I know my daughter and she didn't do it. Whatever she says about that day I believe. She didn't take any drugs or drink alcohol!" But all I get was, "I don't want to hear you've done this ever again.." 

    All I've got is my friends and I'm grateful but I'm not allowed out anymore. I feel so low, too much has happened and I don't know what to do.

    ~ E xox

  2. Childline Avatar
    BeauBeauGH / May 09 2016 20.40


    I think you need to ask someone to tell school and get your point across and they stop it.




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