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    thedoctorswife99 / May 18 2016 17.18

    I'm moving out of my house due to issues with my step-dad which include emotional abuse and neglect. I am moving to my grans house as a 'trial run' to see if the house that i currently live in has a change of atmosphere once i am gone. If there is then i am moving out permenantly.

    I am so petrified about moving out. I have never not lived with my mum. I will be living with my gran for about 2 and a half months till i finish college.

    Has anyone else ever had to move out for similar reasons? I think things will be better here for the rest of my family with me gone, which means i'll have to move 2 hours away and live with my dad. It means I'll be leaving everyone and everything that i love behind including my siblings, best friend and my boyfriend.

    I honestly don't know what to do, I've started having Panic attacks recently (never had them before)

    Sorry if this is confusing, my head is just everywhere.


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