wanting to leave you whole family behind and start freash

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    kaden2012 / Jun 10 2016 10.02

    Hi guys im jessica and i would like to help you if you want to leave your family and start a new ife with a social worker. please mesasage me and ill be happy to help

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    Jessica7559 / Jun 10 2016 10.02

    I really just want to leave and get out of this place, i have moderate autism and nobody in my family take notice of that i am always being shouted at and called names, i dont know how bad this is because i am reallly sensitive at dont understand much of what people say i take everything littarately, as part of my atuism i also have severe anxiety with makes everything so much harder, i need to leave so i can get my mind in the right place. i also want to focus on my education, there is so much going on and its too much for me to handle. i tried to kill myself a couple of weeks ago but that didnt really change anything, i self harm every time things get too much for me to handle.


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