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    idfgoesyien / Jul 03 2016 21.48

    basically, i live with foster carers, have been there for about 6 months, its my first placment. I likke them, i think there nice and stuff but i get angry alot and alos smoke, dey know i smoke and they said to me i need to stop so i told em i'd stopped, but i tried and i can't. I dont want to tell them though, because if i do, they might kick me out and i really like living with them, it is alot better than with my real mum.

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    XcTashhh / Jul 29 2016 18.13

    Dang, that's hard. i used to smoke and drug myself, also self harm, im in a care home currently, but I guess try really hard to stop smoking, throw out cigars, and think of them as something that could harm a loved one. If you can't give up, give the, the truth, if they kick you out, I'm she you'll find other nice foster parents, I've had 4 foster homes, 3 nice 1 not, it's all for the best :) . Good luck!


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    Dogbrains / Jul 31 2016 19.50

    I think you should tell them you're finding it hard some way or another. They definitely won't throw you out. It would show them that yo were really trying to stop by saying, and there's nothing wrong with finding it hard. Yes you lied to them, and they might be annoyed, but it shows you wanted to please them. Telling them is so much better than them finding out another way, and trust me, they will in the end.

    if you don want to have to tell them face to face, you could put a short message up on the fridge with magnets, or if you have a pinboard somewhere. Childline often says to write a letter, but it can sometimes be even more awkward handing over a letter over than talking!


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