Still not started my period?

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    Charlie782 / May 07 2016 21.27

    I haven't started my period yet. I'm 14. It wouldn't be so worrying but its weird because I can still get turned on, horny, and masturbate. (That's embarrassing lol) is it anything to do with the fact that I'm underweight and hardly ever eat meals? Anne when I do only a bit. I can't help it I just can't eat much

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    vabha / May 07 2016 21.27

    Hi Charlie , Most people say if you haven't started your period when your 15 you should go to the doctors to see a gynelogist ... hope this helps ... molly xx😀

  3. Butterfly
    Powerfuldancingdonkey / Aug 20 2021 14.54

    if you are anorexic it can affect your periods coming or starting, hope this helps xxx


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