Having someone disabled in your family ( Brother)

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    Tammy2711 / Jun 26 2016 12.16

    Hi new to child line I would like to make some friends and if anyone is in the same situation as me .my brother is in a wheelchair and I don't talk to my friends about it he is in hospital a lot I know my brother will not have a long life but I get on with it its hard but I try to be strong

  2. Sheep
    AlwaysHaveHopex / Jun 25 2016 13.17

    Welcome to childline :)

    My twin sis has a disability too. I know it can be hard, but you will be okay. Treasure the time with him while you can. You're so incredibly strong, you really are. Be brave x

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    MirrorGirl / Jun 26 2016 12.16

    Hiya, my Nan broke her fema a while ago and she is unable to walk properly. I understand how you feel! X


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