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    shona4 / May 11 2016 18.08

    So about 2 years ago I had this best friend, she was so nice to me and we were best friends for about a year and then we just stopped talking. About a month ago we started talking again and we didn't become that close we were just talking. She found a lot of stuff out about me like that I have tried to kill myself before and I self harm, she wants to help but as its been going on for a while she's sort of given up now. She has a new best friend and they are so close. I would say her and her friends are all part of the popular crowd, I am not popular. All of her and her friends all know I want to commit suicide, her and her new best friend are literally two of the nicest people on the planet. I admit I'm jealous of her new best friend and I've admitted up to that but she didn't really care. They both just try and avoid me whenever I'm at school, except for in one of my lessons I have to sit with my ex best friend but we don't really talk anymore after I messed everything up with her. I don't really want anyone telling me I'm being stupid and that she isn't worth my time because she has helped me through loads of stuff I've been through and I sort of just threw it back in her face. I blamed something I did on someone else and she got really annoyed that I lied to her. I know it sounds bad but she understands that I was going through a tough time. I'm so jealous of her friend and that's kind of what I want some advice on. I've told my ex best friend I'm jealous but she didn't really care as I said before and now it's like she won't care whatever I do anymore she wants me to speak to school about me wanting to commit suicide which I am going to tomorrow but she told me and one of my close friends that she was going to come and support me when I go. Hope this is enough information to help thanks.



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