Our friend is touching us in an inappropriate way? :/

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    Miabear453 / May 12 2016 17.45

    A few weeks ago, me and about 4 of my friends noticed a girl in our tutor acting a bit weird. At a sleepover, she said "it's not weird to kiss girls" and kissed me and my friend on the lips (we pulled away immediately) She also tries to hold our hands, plays with our hair, overly hugs us, ect. We're all 12 and we just find it kind of weird because none of us do that. She also says things like "let's get married" to me and we're beginning to think it's kind of a lesbian thing to do? We asked her if she was gay, and that it's fine if she is but we just find it uncomfortable when she kisses us but she just burst out laughing and said "no I'm not gay" so we're just REALLY confused. We don't like the way she touches us, although she's kind of stopped now. Suddenly she's ignoring us now too. Why is she doing this? Has this happened to anyone else? :/ 


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