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    ~Puddleduck~ / May 22 2016 18.41

    I have two friends who have recently become a couple. One of them (I'll call them 'R') keeps telling me about how her girlfriend is being controlled and manipulated by another girl in our year that we know (J). R's girlfriend (P) is good friends with J but J keeps taking her away (Physically pulling her along like she's a five year old on reigns) and telling her to do things even when she wants to hang out with R. J takes advantage of the fact that P is quite awkward and confronts her directly and tells her that they're doing something together rather than asking. I know this is stressing P out somewhat but she really doesn't understand the extent of how controlling J is being. I've tried to explain it to her but she won't listen. J is beginning to take her to hang around with people who smoke weed in school and I'm worried that she's going to get into trouble a be guilty by association. R is worried that they're loosing their girlfriend and is becoming increasingly upset, what should I do to stop J or to make P realise?

    I'll be pleased if you can actually understand that because it was quite complicated but if you have any advice on how to help then I'd appriciate it.

    Freya x



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