returning abuse????

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    hp425799 / May 23 2016 22.17

    hi, I haven't posted on here in years. when I did it was concerning my dad's treatment of me, which I thought I'd gotten away from....

    maybe 3 or 4 years ago now me and dad went through a bit of a 'rough patch' and the way he treated me shared many characteristics with emotional abuse. he had a hell of a lot on his plate at the time, and once he began to sort that out i though we were over it.

    well.... my parents recently announced they were divorcing. it was a mutual split as far as i could see, dad moved out and we stayed with mum. it's become obvious that he was treating mum the same way he was me... a lot worse, because she was going through a lot at the time as well. 

    he had admitted to this but recently told my brother (and not me) that mum was wrongly accusing him of abuse.... 

    apart from that, i sense his behaviour becoming a lot more manipulative. i understand that he wants to know we still want him around, and that what he did didn't damage his relationship with me permanently, but the questions are becoming pinvasive, and the retorts when i give a vague answer more personal - and even if it is just me wrongly judging the situation, it just brings back memories.

    i have become a lot more streetwise since last time... i have been diagnosed with depression and am on meds and right now i really don't need anything making it worse. i keep trying to hint that i don't want to answer the questions but i don't know what to do!! maybe I am being far too harsh, but i can just sense the old behaviours coming back.... and i dont know how to stop it.

    i would appreciate any advice!!



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