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    ActiveReadingTurtle3017 / Jul 02 2022 22.29

    Hi im 12 and i would like some advice. How do you get into a relationship. Somone doesnt justnmagically apear amd ay that they a your gf/bf. So how?

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    PoliteVibingTurtle7766 / Jul 03 2022 4.32

    hey im also 12!

    i got my current boyfriend because my mates always said we should get together and i fell for him, asked him out and he said “ uh i dont know, maybe??? ” now were chill!

    with my previous partners i just go “oh my god their really nice i like them” wait like a month then ask them out!

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    SleepyJumpingFrog7643 / Jul 20 2022 20.01

    I would say, make a lot of friends, or just a couple really good ones, bc ur never gonna experience love with someone who you dont actually know that well. So one day, u'll get an attraction to someone u know really well (unless ur asexual) and then, u'll ask them out. Or, something more discrete. With my gf, she kept joking and saying she was beautiful, and I said "you are quite pretty." and then I told her I had a crush who had blonde hair, once dated Samuel, had blue eyes, long hair, was quite tall. She was like: My crush has brown eyes, short brown hair, is quite short, and once dated Josh. Then, we knew it was eachother. If her description had matched anyone else, I could have just said mine wad someone else too. We're all different!

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