she is straight

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    PowerfulDrawingFox3030 / Jun 30 2022 23.15

    i really like a girl. she is the coolest person ever and shes so pretty. i get too nervous to talk to her though. today my friend found out she is straight so i would not have a chance. i dont know how im supposed to feel about this

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    AwesomeSharingDuck1216 / Jul 03 2022 20.26


    falling for a straight girl can be really hard!! unfortunately its one of those things you just have to push through until feelings subside as much as possible. try and distract yourself with work, tv, games, or whatever your interests are! personally i find listening to happy music and reading or watching netflix helps me.

    best of luck!

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    PowerfulDrawingFox3030 / Jul 06 2022 23.09

    hi i just saw this so sorry! thankyou so much it means a lot! <3


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