Can a boy evaluate this problem for me plz?

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    MagicalRestingRaven4804 / Jun 30 2022 20.10

    Hi, so theres this boy. I had known who he was for a while, but he is one of the popular boys in my year. (i wouldnt describe myself as popular but im friends with a few popular people). He never knew who i was until one day we had a sporting event together and when i got home he added me on snapchat. He then proceeded to message me and we ended up spending the whole day messaging each other about our shared sports hobby, and just about where we lived and our families and friend groups and all that. We messaged each other for quite a few days and i was begining to like him a bit. He even tried to meet up with me and we just chatted back and forth to each other. Then, i got told he had a gf, but i never said anything to him abt this and we ended up meeting up a few times with our other friends together. Its obvious how much he rlly loves this girl but yet he was flirting with me and even sent me xx after one of his messages. He has cheated on a few people in the past so idk if hes being real but after a few days he just stopped talking to me, snapping me on snap and this went on for about 2 weeks. He has only started snapping me again recently and ive noticed that he has been looking at me a few times when i wasnt looking at him. There was one time where we happened to be at the same event and he was with his friends and even tho he wasn’t speaking to me it felt like he was mocking me when he deliberately walked straight, close past me with his pal and ignored me. Im so confused and any advice from guys are appreciated (as in why he might be doing it and if this is a normal thing guys do, why do u do it?)

    Thank you so much!

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    Jakub- / Jul 01 2022 2.14

    Am a 16 year old and am afraid that this doesn't sound too good. The way he's acting towards is not right, especially as he has a girlfriend. You also mentioned that he has reputation for cheating in the past which may be the case again. He may have started acting more sour towards you because his girlfriend may have found out about you texting him and probably therfore told him to cut contact with you and other girls he may potentially be talking to. If that's the case you're best just carrying on with life and moving on as he doesn't seem to be worth crying over.

    There could also be the possibility that he's just simply naturally quite a flirty guy and he's just being friendly, however I don't think that's likely as you've mentioned that he does have a reputation for cheating.

    I hope me being a lad has given you a better understanding of what to do and how to feel. I hope this helped :)

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    GlitteryVibingEagle6060 / Jul 01 2022 22.09

    Sorry, forgot my account details hence the new nickname lol

    Thanks so much, this advice has been very helpful and i have decided that he is not right for me any way. Thanks again!


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